The focus for this project was to update and refresh the current user experience for the “Offers for You” page on Citi Online (logged in state) to help drive long-term engagement. During Phase 1, designs were user-tested and from those insights we developed two enhanced concepts to user-test for Phase 2.

The goal for the site is to make the experience of navigating and browsing the Offers For You page more engaging and intuitive. Enabling customers to easily navigate, find and use relevant offers. KPIs include: interaction with offers, increased enrollment/redemption of offers, time spent on page, click rates, site visits.

Concept 1 is a more traditional user path, where you are presented with a filtering menu to engage with below a header with lifestyle imagery and copy explaining the page. Upon click on the CTA to see results you are set to a results page.

Concept 2 utilizes the top header area as the main filtering navigation and the results are sorted below upon clicking the CTA. The user remains on the same page through out the experience.

Citi Offers for You 


Concept 1: View InVision Prototype ▸                     Concept 2: View InVision Prototype ▸

Concept 1: Landing Page


Concept 1: Results Page


Concept 2: Landing


Concept 2: Results Filtered